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A few of you have asked why the transition into business coaching?  So here I am, ready to explain a little bit more about this move and explore more with you about how I transitioned from a PR career to a coaching career, which in turn helped me find my purpose. Plus, what helped me through this transition.

Firstly, I’m not transitioning only to business - not at all. I’m an Intuitive Living Coach and the ‘living’ is so often interlinked with business, because of course what we do for our jobs is often so linked to how we live - so this felt like a natural transition for me.

I’ve met many women exploring one career to the next.  They - like me - may have been in career for over a decade and suddenly started to think, “is this it?”. I hear you. I felt like that for a while at the latter part of my PR career. If this is you, don’t be afraid. A teacher of mine recently told me I’d have 5 different ‘me’s’ in this one lifetime. We change and evolve constantly. Don’t worry if you feel a little lost. Change might be coming and I promise the universe sends and guides you to nothing it knows you can’t handle.

So… me and Intuitive Business coaching…

All I can say is I’ve been called to do the work. 

The running theme throughout all my coaching business is to help people tap into to their own power - their intuition. You’ll hear many coaches say that they have been ‘called to do the work’ but what exactly does that mean? For me it came in a few ways…

Firstly though, let’s backtrack a little. I lost my passion for PR whilst in the ends of working in it (all but one client who I still work with today!) In the throws of my new career in nutrition and coaching,  PR represented my old life. I didn’t want to go back there. I transitioned from it 5 years ago and for a little while after that,  I allowed it to keep me safe and so to not progress so much in my own coaching business. This meant I kept PR clients on the side to keep my busy and ‘in business’ but in using that time for them, I wasn’t growing this new coaching territory . I felt safe but I was the jack of both trades, mastering neither. 

After a while I totally detached myself from the PR to really give ROOTED LIVING as a business 100% of my time. Phew, that took a while! This was over 2 years ago now (with great success I must add, go me!) but over the past year things have shifted again - my passion and thoughts for my former career has changed and a positive light has been switched back on. Within this time I realised how invaluable my experience, contacts and skill set in public relations is. Particularly in the launch of my book, I realised from the start of this process (November 2017), to signing with a publisher (March 2018) and then having to start publicising it (present), my skills in PR are as I say, invaluable. I couldn’t have done this without it - or maybe I could but it would have been a lot harder!

With this, I have been called to share this experience and share everything I have learnt about PR, along with my training in coaching and self development (not to mention nutrition) to help other coaches, professionals and experts to be seen and heard themselves. 

In terms of ‘being called’ to do the work, this came in through a few ways:

  • Through thoughts and ideas that felt exciting about merging both careers in a way to support others

  • Multiple dreams about being back in a PR Director role full time again - crazy right!

  • Through mediation - the thought of using my PR experience came in a lot throughout my meditation practise

  • Seeing an old PR clients book (meditation expert Will Williams) in a book shop, which of course I bought!

  • Meeting a friend for lunch and she had just had a meeting with another old client of mine, an incredible make up artist, Mary Greenwell

  • Coming across an old dropbox folder with all of my PR achievements, coverage and PR rolodex, which I felt really proud of

  • The words purpose, power and publicity kept coming in after I had initially sat down to think about how I could make a coaching programme work and what my focuses would be

It almost felt a bit like a scratch with an insatiable itch. I had to take action.  Intuitive Business, the group coaching programme was born. I felt alive and excited by it.

How did I transition from one career to another?

Firstly, PR always felt like a career to me, never a purpose. For me, this came in way later in life when I’d done a lot of self-development. I’m sure for many they feel their purpose much sooner but I wasn’t that lucky! But of course now, I love that I have these skills! Ask any PR and I’m sure they agree many people think that they can do PR but actually it requires skill, just like any other job. It’s not all fancying about with lunches and parties and fanny’ing around with a press release. It’s bloody tough to stand out!

For me I started thinking about my interests. I used too pick up Vogue and Zest Magazine (RIP Zest) so it got me thinking that health might be an avenue to try. I enjoyed yoga and so I looked at various courses, which I completed whilst working in PR (yoga courses ain’t cheap). I took a trip to India (I know, so Eat, Part, Love) and before you ask, no I did not ‘find myself’ BUT I did have time to think about things. Within 3 months I was studying nutrition, following something a friend had shared on Facebook. What I now call ‘whispers from the universe’. 

What worked / didn’t - my learnings?


  • Take time to really feel into what feels good to you. What can you NOT not do? Start there and you’ll move into a new purpose career that leaves you feeling satisfied and full. For me it was learning about health - I was obsessed with books and Zest mag. What makes you feel full and empowered? 

  • If you have an idea on what you think you’d like to do, start with researching all avenues. Look who else is out there, how are they selling themselves, what do they not do that you could? What courses could you take on the side? 

  • Don’t leave yourself short or stressed. I did PR on the side of my coaching business (and nutrition when I did straight up nutrition work) for financial support until I had a few clients under my belt. I’d rather work a few extra hours a week than worry about paying my mortgage. For me it was that simple.

  • Get support! Ask people to mentor you, sign up to free e-courses and ideally, get yourself a coach! I only have a coach now, and my business have gone from strength to strength in the past year.


  • Freak out! Feeling a bit lost is normal when transitioning. Take time to feel all the feels and simply trust that the universe is guiding you. Trust the timing of your life.

  • Try to make things happen too quickly. Allow small shifts and transitions - they have the biggest impact. 

  • Expect your new purpose business to make loads of money straight away. Do your passion project on the side so you don’t have the stress of financial worries, whilst simultaneously trying to land yourself a successful business!

  • Feel the fear. Of course change is scary but what you overcome makes you stronger. You’ve got this!

What PR experience has done for my business?

I truly believe the publicity I’ve gained around my business has elevated the success of my business tenfold. I think it’s really coming to fruition now around the book where I’m like, go sh*t, these journalists already know who I am! The sell in for book publicity has been easier and I feel more powerful in how I pitch. 

These days it is so much harder to stand out from a crowd and I think it’s known to be acceptable to just send a message on instagram and that this person is going to want to be your BFF. It’s a no from me and much of the time, it’s a no from them.  Publicity is business and deserves a strong, professional pitch. I often blow a kiss to emails I send with pitches to journalists and brands. Hey, the universe knows and feels right!

I’m going to leave this here but just say the number one thing I advise when transitioning careers or trying to find something that really feels purposeful to you, is DON’T FORGET YOURSELF. Self-love is true love and as if feeling a bit like your treading muddy water isn’t hard enough. Take a chill pill and look after yourself. You’re doing the best you can and remember…


Feel with hearts content loves and without sounding like a sales pitch, if you do need me, know that my Intuitive Business course is launching on 15th April - Purpose, Power, Profit baby. I’ve got your back. For more details on the course, head here

If you’re looking for some 1:1 coaching, book in for a complimentary discovery call here