We all like home delivery don't we? In modern life we are so strapped for time, even the weekly shop can seem like a chore. I'm forever looking for ways to reduce my to-do list in order to have real me time - healing time as I like to call it. Precious moments where everything feels still and I can gather my thoughts. When I get these magic moments, you'll usually find me in the kitchen, planning and prepping something new to share online or with friends so I was excited when a surprise food delivery came my way from SUPA.

SUPA is a monthly subscription box service that doesn't work like your usual pick and mix sample packs. Instead it focuses on a theme each month and their aim is to share the worlds most powerful superfoods in order to discover the health benefits and ultimately, try something new. Each pack is full size and most importantly, the pack comes with a beautifully put together booklet with details of the foods included and ways to use them in cooking. The recipes look divine and some I will definitely be trying in the ROOTED KITCHEN.

In the month of May the theme was India, which couldn't be more apt for my kitchen. India is my soul place and I am forever trying to create a Keralan curry here that tastes as good as it does there!

The May pack included:

- Beluga Legumes - a great source of plant-based protein and fibre

- Turmeric - see my Turmeric Milk recipe here

- Star anise - great used in the water of boiled carrots, then roasted with honey 

- Himalayan Salt - which I use in EVERYTHING

- Moringa Powder - great in smoothies and pesto's

- Saffron - a great flavour to go with roasted chickpeas

I decided to test it out on a Monday evening, when I tend to do my batch cooking for the week. Dahl is my go to  and so I couldn't resist trying a slightly different recipe this time round. You can view it here. 

Even as a cook and nutritionist, I often get lazy with meals and this delivery makes it easy to mix things up and extend your knowledge in the kitchen. I for one am sold and cannot wait to see what next month has to offer.

SUPA trial box is £19.99 a month, which is incredible value for money.  The turmeric powder alone will last me 2 months and I use it pretty much every day! If you fancy exploring the taste of something new, give it a go. See price options here.

Note: this was a paid advertorial however ROOTED only works with brands it sincerely rates and would encourage others to use.