Last week the ROOTED crew payed a visit to Central Street Kitchen, to host an afternoon of nutrition workshops with members of Kings College London. Busting nutrition myths we combined inspirational talks with hands on cookery classes to help these students on their way to becoming more in touch with their health and wellbeing.


Arriving just in time for lunch, we served up a feast of spring quinoa salad with fresh herbs and lemon, summer frittata, and superfood medley with sweet potato, chicken, and pomegranate jewels. Fuelled up and raring to go we cracked on with our mission to share the ROOTED love.

Our first workshop saw Founder and all round goddess, Pandora Symes, share the ROOTED philosophy for self-love and nourishment for mind, body and soul. We don’t believe in the word ‘detox’ here and run a mile from the empty promises of juice cleanses and diets. All it takes is an abundance of plants and a decrease in processed products, sugar, and dairy to feel full of energy. And yet, we still adore these things, but in moderation to keep our souls happy. Feta in your quinoa won’t send you over the dairy edge, a chocolate pud on Friday night won’t make you fat. We promise!

Becoming more mindful with food also took pride of place in the nutrition talk, as we got our students to think about the last time they were truly focussed on one thing and one thing only whilst eating their dinner. Many were left speechless, unable to think of a time they were 100% present in the moment, and this just goes to show how modern life is stripping us of our primitive connection with food. A fascinating little experiment which we encourage you all to contemplate.

Our second workshop saw Sophie, the latest glowing addition to the ROOTED crew, lead a hands on cookery class with the students. With a focus on using a few fresh ingredients to create simple, plant-based dishes we showed the students how easy it can be to make smart choices and nourish the mind, body, and soul. First on the cards, was a raw plant-based pesto using cashew nuts, basil, olive oil, garlic, and nutritional yeast. Better than any store bought pesto, this green goodness mixed perfectly with courgetti, and the team had a blast using spiralizers to make their veg more exciting. Many had never seen a spiralizer before, and it was beautiful to see people really experiment and connect with their food.

Sophie then moved on to sweet treats, talking a little bit about natural V refined sugars. The team adored making raw energy bombs and really played around with flavours like kids in a sweet shop, combining apricots, dates, nut butters, almonds, cacao, and coconut. You name it, they tried it! Living the Rooted lifestyle is all about ditching restriction, and these energy bombs give the perfect sugar burst without being full of processed nasties.


Making health and wellbeing more accessible and sharing our passion for plant power was a day thoroughly well spent.

Peace out,

The ROOTED crew.