Here at ROOTED we’ve entwined yoga into our daily lives. Our own practice grounds us in our work and we strive to share this vibe through our very own ROOTED YOGA classes. It’s been so humbling to see many of our students relax into their practice, growing both mentally and physically stronger with every session.  But has modern life drained yoga of its true spirituality?

Today’s social media presence has introduced an element of comparison and competition into a previous practice of non-judgement and empowerment. A huge community of yogis have taken to Instagram in recent years, posting the perfect Trikonasana on a gorgeous beach with the sun setting behind them.

Whilst photographs like these initially appear inspirational beyond words, have you ever given a moment’s thought to what happens behind the scenes? Are these asanas really practiced with a still mind? Did they open their yogi’s heart? Or are photographs like these the result of ten handstands by a waterfall in an attempt to capture the perfect, peaceful moment?

And so, whilst we adore the fact that yoga has made its way into popular western culture, we can’t help but notice that the yoga which infiltrates our Instagram feed is not really yoga at all. Yoga is a spiritual state of being, a connection within ourselves, that is quite simply impossible to photograph. It can be difficult not to view these photographs of the perfect pose without an element of self-doubt, particularly in a society where competition and comparison seem to feed our ambitions on a daily basis.

However, we encourage you to let go of these comparisons. There is no right or wrong in yoga. If it feels good, do it.

Next time you’re in the studio, or on your mat at home, try and practice with a clear head, perhaps in the morning when the mind is still young. The mind can be highly impressionable in the mornings, so by keeping your distance from social media, at least until your practice is complete, you will be setting yourself up for a day of self-love and empowerment, as opposed to one of self-critique and comparison.  We encourage you to put those Instagram photos out of mind, in fact try not to even look around the room at your fellow yogis. Really focus on YOU, get rooted, and forget the world, forget the space around you – LESS physical world – MORE internal world – YOUR WORLD. Because do you know what? You are just as much a yogi, if not more so, than the women or men on Instagram.

Believe in the strength of your own body and mind, then sit back and watch as the spirituality of yoga returns to your practice and percolates your very being.

With love,

The ROOTED crew.