I'm ending the week in awe of my incredible clients and the work they show up to do each and every day.

This week I had an incredible conversation with a client and I decided that I would love to share what we were talking about with you because it’s really important for you - for her - for me to always remember that…

we shouldn't feel guilty about 'having it all'.

I’m sharing this with you is because its something I see come up a lot with my clients

“If I have it all then I should feel bad about it” - have you felt this way before?

This always comes back to the universal belief of…

“I'm not good enough”


“I don’t deserve to have it all”

"I'm not worthy of having it all"

But what if you believed that you were in fact worthy of having it all? That you were good enough, smart enough, strong enough?

What if you allowed yourself to truly believe that you could - in fact - have it all?

When it comes to the law of attraction, and when we are co creating with the universe, it’s not about you having more, therefore me having less. For example, you say to me “I don’t want you to be sick anymore so I'm going to be sick so you don’t have to be sick anymore” you’re going to laugh at me right because it doesn’t work like that!

Or for example, if I start earning more money than you, I’m not taking that money from you, or Sheila in Norwich, or Peter in Scotland am I? In the world of abundance, there is enough to go around.

If I fall in love, it doesn’t mean you fall out of love does it?

There is enough for all of us. There is abundance for all of us if we want to take it. It’s there for the taking if we decide that that’s what we desire and that’s what we want. Then we co create with the universe to get it. 

My mission is to help change the world and alleviate female disempowerment. I believe the absolute best way to bring about positive change is to empower women to take control of their time, their energy and their money. Supporting women is my number one because I believe woman can - and will - change the world.

Something I’ve worked with a lot is really sitting in the understanding and the feeling of being able to have it all. So simply using an affirmation such as ‘I'm truly grateful that my business and my relationship is thriving’ can really get me into that mindset of having it all.

If you don’t believe you can have it all, the first step is looking at where you haven’t ever allowed yourself to receive…

When was the last time you truly accepted a compliment?

When was the time you took the day off?

When was the last time you said yes to support?

Next, instead of focusing on what you haven’t achieved or done, focus on what you have…what have you already co-created with the universe?

When I was doing this I realised that I had taken a really good shot at ‘having it all’… a book deal, a beautiful house by the sea, a thriving business that reaches 5 figure months every month, the most incredible natural and beautiful birth, supportive friends and childminder, the perfect 2 bedroom flat after I split with my partner - that can I say literally landed in my lap three days after I was told to leave the house!

There’s so many wonderful things that I’ve already called in and created in my life.  And there’s so many you will have created too.

Next, journal on why you deserve these things? What were your intentions behind them - what was your ‘why’? What was your mission? And then most importantly, how that made you feel?

What is it that’s stopping you from having it all?

Why are you feeling guilty. What’s behind it? What’s the belief?

Guilt comes up all the time in coaching, every single client, “If I have that then I am taking it from someone else” or “I don’t deserve” - the belief you don’t deserve to have it all. It’s not truth. It’s your belief.

But you do deserve to have it all. You are complete. You are good enough. Your are worthy of receiving abundance in any which way you want and desire.

You are always enough.

Taking yourself on the journey of journaling can help you identify what beliefs are in place that you are repeating in terms of allowing this guilt to come in. You can identify what you need to release to get rid of that belief and why you are not allowing yourself to receive…Why you are making yourself feel guilty for these things for having it all?

I repeat daily…

“I’m so grateful that my business and relationship is thriving”.

“I’m so grateful that I allow myself to receive, that I allow myself to think bigger, create bigger, have more”

“I’m so grateful that everyday I work harder and harder and allow things to flow with ease”

Why? Because I’m creating a life that I love and living a life that I love and I’m so grateful for all of these things.

So if you’re someone who feels guilty about having it all, take yourself on that journaling journey. It can be helpful with releasing, seeing what you’ve got, and knowing how to move forward.

If you are someone who is working on this stuff and still has some blocks, join me on 2nd November for THE MAGNETIC WOMAN Day Retreat.

And for those of you who are struggling with having it all, have a take a look at my PURPOSE, POWER, PROFIT 12 week group coaching programme…

There’s so much in all of my work about allowing ourselves to receive and allowing ourselves to have it all. There’s so many more processes in place to help you to step into really truly feel good about having it all and creating a life that you love.

Thanks for reading…

Pandora Paloma X