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It’s September and everyone is raring to go with that sweet smell of back-to-school vibes in the air…

Or are they?

Perhaps you feel like you've lost your mojo a bit. You're flagging. Is it really Autumn already? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. We all feel like this in life sometimes...in love and business and beyond…

It can be easy to forget that everyday we get the honour of living another day. Today you, I, we - we all get to live. So, what do we chose to do? What are you choosing to do with your time, your energy, your money? What choices are you making that make you feel none other than your absolute best self?

This is what I call unlocking your power and I want to share my three key steps with you…

Step One

Focus on the idea of YOU tapping into the power of YOU...your intuition.

Intuition - the sense of knowing without conscious reasoning. I have a whole chapter on intuition in my book, which if you haven't bought, you can do so here. Intuition is the communication tool you have between you and your spirit, or soul. Just like you may focus on the gut for healthy digestion, you should be focusing on finding connection to your intuition in order to find true health, alignment and success.

The reason intuition is so important for you in life and business is because very often it’s calling you to do something that could be really powerful for you. But what I see time and time again is logic getting in the way.

Step Two

Do you feel stuck in a negative feedback loop?

Are you letting your old experiences dictate how you are moving forwards, or in doing so - not moving forwards?

Are you staying in the same lane. Acting in the same way?

So often you aren’t moving forwards because of an experience in the past that has set or created a belief. You stay small and safe because staying there feels much easier than breaking through that block right?

If aren’t seeing or feeling your power, ask yourself:

What story or stories am I telling myself about this situation?

Is this helpful?

If it's not helpful, what would be a more helpful story?

Step 3

Sometimes, even when something feels scary, it is still right for you. And I think in life, business and our careers we have to get used to that. Some days it will feel tiny and other times it will feel huge - but when you get through the small ones, it means the bigger ones will feel much easier to overcome.

You have to feel the fear. You have to allow it in. Greet it with open arms and dance with it.

Can you listen and tap into your intuition in your life? What is it guiding you to do? What hunches are you getting? And what are you letting stand in your way?

If you already feel called to step into your power deeper with your business, my Purpose, Power, Profit programme launches on 24th September. We go deep on POWER - what are the key things standing in your way, how to completely re-programme and re-frame your beliefs that are keeping you stuck so you can unpick yourself and build on the growth you are looking for.

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