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The power of language is a game changer. 

How we speak - internally and externally - can help shape our reality. To put this into perspective, let me ask you to say YES. Say YES out loud and feel into how that makes you feel? How does that make your body feel?

Now, say NO. How does this feel different? How does this make you feel? Your body feel?

The way we speak can lower or raise our entire energetic vibration. 

The word YES creates the most positive energetic charge there is. Every time you say yes to the universe, it attracting positive energy right back to you. 

But what is an energetic vibration? 

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and matter and we can’t create nor destroy energy - it just changes shape. This energy and matter has an energetic vibration and often, our reality is simply a reflection of what energetic vibration we are sending out and in turn, receiving or attracting into our lives.  Raising our energetic vibration helps us to manifest or call into our lives what we desire on a much higher level of consciousness, power or as I like to call it, feminine force. 

How we speak to ourselves and to others impacts our energetic vibration. For example the words “I’m sorry” when used when not needed or relevant in a situation creates a very low energetic vibration.  Saying I’m sorry often can create a message to the universe that you’re sorry for taking up space or being worthy. 

We can shift into a more positive vibration for instead of saying “I’m sorry”, saying “Thank you”. For example, instead of saying “I’m sorry for being late” say “Thank you for waiting for me”. 

In doing this you are shifting from a low vibration (I’m sorry) to a high vibration (Thank you) because with these words you are expressing gratitude as well as raising the mood and vibration of your words. This doesn’t just affect you in choosing to saying these words but it also affects the person you are sharing this gratitude with and raising their mood too. 

I’m always challenging my coaching clients to be super aware of the words they chose. 

I can’t. I shouldn’t. I’m not good enough.  These are all low vibrational words…

I can. I will. I am ready…. These are all high vibrational words.

The best way to attract positive energy and vibrate higher is by sending out positive energy more and more.  This is where the power of language can be super-powerful. Start here: 

Be Aware.

Start being aware of how you speak and how your words make you feel.  What’s the one word you can stop saying today that sends out a low vibration? What word can you use instead that shifts your mind and body into something that feels good in your body?

Surround yourself with positivity.

Having positive things around you affects how you feel. Start by sticking a post it note with your favourite affirmation or positive word on your computer or at your desk to remind you you be positive. It might be ‘I’m ready’ or ‘YES’. Seeing is believing. Your get what you see. 

End the Day with Gratitude.

This has hands down been a game changer for me. At the end of the day I either write or mentally or verbally express 3 things I’m grateful for. This helps to train yourself to see the abundance in your life.

Make Room.

Making room in your life for what you want starts by getting rid of what you don’t want. Clothes, old beliefs, people, emotions, family programming, societal programming - anything that is not aligned with the reality you are trying to create…this all needs to be released. Write down on a piece of paper, I release…I release…I release…and then burn that piece of paper and let it GO. 

Feel into your future self now.

When you can imagine or feel what it would be like NOW to have what you desire the most - whether that is a new relationship, a sum of money or a new job - it helps to start aligning you with this future self.  This is the first step in manifesting. Download my favourite future self meditation here.

If you’re interested in exploring more the power of language, I’m hosting a free workshop on the power of language on 30th July at 7.30pm BST. Sign up here