We were so excited to chat all things natural beauty with Dr Mariano Spiezia, founder of Inlight Beauty.  

Let's set the scene…where are you right now? 

At my desk, looking at a very bucolic Cornish spot. 

Where would you like to be? 

Exactly where I am. I try to make the present my whole centre wherever I am. 

How did you come to define Inlight Beauty and its vision, and turn it into what it is today? 

Passion for Nature and for people’s wellbeing has always driven my life. My medical practice together with the creation of Inlight beauty products have been the most important tool for achieving my goal: to reconnect people with Nature, for a better and healthier world. Inlight is my path to “walk in the Beauty” where Beauty is the best part of ourselves. 

The best advice you’ve ever received? 

Life is a mirror: don’t blame others for what happens to you.  

The best advice you’ve ever bestowed? 

Look always for the beauty around you and within you. Manifest it in all its glory! 

Last app opened? 

What’s App. 

Last book read? 

An Italian book on Quantum Physics’  principles in our daily life

Onto food, what's your typical day on a plate?  

I am vegetarian and eat organic and seasonal as much as I can. Berries and seasonal fruits with spelt cereals and almond milk in the morning. A cup of one of my herbal fusion teas or an espresso occasionally mid morning. Avocado, olives and humus for lunch. In the evening I always start with a big salad with seeds and yeast flakes followed by brown rice/quinoa with beans, veggies or tofu. (I alternate the rice/quinoa with a bowl of Italian spelt pasta to be rooted!)  

What’s your earliest food memory? 

Juicy white mulberries picked from an immense tree and my mum’s delicious spaghetti alla marinara. 

The latest restaurant that made you go oooo? 

The Spiezia’s family kitchen when my wife cooked parmigiana di melanzane (aubergine) and The Green House in St Keverne – a hidden gem for quality local organic food cooked with love. Simply delicious.  

What (or how) does staying ROOTED mean to you? 

Being in my heart and at the same time feeling the earth beneath my feet to connect to Mother Nature. 

What’s next for Inlight? 

Manifesting globally like a positive outbreak. I am working on two new formulas right now. Nothing is still, all evolves and I have to go with this flow! 

In 50 years from now, what is the one thing you want Inlight to be known and remembered for? 

For having made a real difference to many skins proving that going back to Nature with integrity and respect is the answer for efficacy; and contributed to manifesting Beauty in all its splendour. 

How important is community to you now and with technology taking over 21st century life, how do you see our ‘communities’ changing? 

Without humanity there is no real technology. Inside we are and have been always the same; The community, real or virtual, is the core of our existence. 

In the next three years what innovation will have the greatest impact on technology/business/culture?   

I think that the next step of innovation will be …more artisanal! The quality, value and efficacy of a personal touch is a precious technology which simply cannot be replaced. 





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