Once you've read this, pop on over to the recipe section and chose your fuel.  We advocate a plant-based diet and listening to your body. Less what you are eating and more why you are eating it. NO fads, just feeding. 

2.     MOVE MORE

Workout fads come and go but yoga has been around for more than 5000 years. Whether you’ve come to the mat for some zen time, to calm your mind or to look good naked, yoga does much more than burn calories and tone your ass. It's a total mind-body connection workout that works on deeper levels, combining breathing, strengthening and stretching for what I believe is the perfect antidote to modern life.  ROOTED YOGA uses the grace and creativity of Vinyasa, the precision of Iyengar and the deeply nourishing benefits of restorative for classes that are creative and energising, but with a strong sense of grounding to promote feeling ‘rooted’. Music plays a big part with ambient electronic sounds to calm and stimulate equally for a deeper mind, body and soul connection.


Sleep is quite simply the most important role for wellness. Yes, sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles. It plays an important role in your physical health, for example healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels, your immune system and even mental health issues, such as depression, are strongly linked to poor sleep quality and sleeping disorders. I could go on…

There are times when falling asleep seems like be the hardest thing to do, so sleep hygiene is increasingly important to get those zzzz back into your routine.

First of all ditch the digital. Smart-phones, tablets, computers and televisions produce a blue light, which can suppress our natural production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone in our body, which controls our sleep cycle, so a lack of this hormone means our natural sleep is thrown off course. Get into the habit of turning off all gadgets and wifi in the house an hour before sleeping, or you can even go as far as turning if off all night, once a week.

If you’ve gone for the latter, take a warm bath with Epsom salts (repairing and restorative for the body) before bed can make you feel clean and recharged. The bath is physically, but also mentally, cleaning away the day and preparing you for a stress-free night. Equally, maintaining a clean space, can amount to a clean mind. When it comes to your sleeping environment make sure it is quiet and ventilated, as well as dark. This will stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, helping you to restore blood pressure and energy.


The term detox is touted a lot but here at ROOTED we prefer to use the word reset. Your body detoxes itself continuously, whereas reset is allowing your body, and in turn often your mind, quite simply to have a break and reset. There’s no deprivation, no fads, no juice cleansing and no exercise, until it’s gentle and kind to your soul. A reset is taking time out (see digital detoxing above) from work and play and allowing yourself some serious down time. 2-3 days is enough to get you back on track after a stressful week at work, a spiral of heavy meals or a month on the booze train. Essentially, it consists of eating warm, easily digestible, nourishing foods, full of vegetables and spices, drinking lots of lemon water and herbal teas and chilling the f**k out. Add a gentle yoga class and some meditation ad you're onto a winner. It sounds easy but especially in cities, this tends to be harder that you might think. If you want to take it further, we offer a 1-2-1 food consultation with me followed by a meal plan designed to give your body a reset.  


When it comes to intuitive eating, the first step is to begin to listen to your own body. The first question to ask yourself is, are you hungry from your stomach or your head. This is really important, because there are times when we are surrounded by images of delicious food, and become tempted to eat, even if we aren’t physically hungry. By becoming more aware of our eating habits we begin to engage with our body, and start to become more in-tune with our eating habits.

It is important to mention, that by becoming more in-tune with our hunger patterns, we begin to understand what it is our body really wants, whether that is a chocolate bar, or an apple. The key here is to not have guilt. Overtime guilt can become mentally and also physically draining on the body. It is better to allow yourself to eat freely without restrictions, if you choose to indulge once in a while, do so without fear or complexity. Call a truce and stop the food fight. Give yourself unconditional permission to eat the foods you want, just work with balance.

When eating, it is important to take your time. By doing so you are giving yourself the space to respect your fullness. For the brain, it takes 20min to register that our stomach is full, so keeping this in mind as you eat, might help you to slow down the consumption of your food.

Eating should be enjoyable and we should always work towards what makes us feel satisfied. Very often we fill ourselves very quickly, hardly taking into consideration the flavors and textures that we are consuming. Slow down and begin to build a positive relationship with food, understanding each delicacy of every mouthful. Seriously, you’ll start to enjoy food so much better.

Using food as an emotional tool can be very common. If this is the case for you, take a new approach and ask yourself, what am I feeding? Find a new trigger point, and ask yourself how you can change this habit. If you want to stay in control, try pressing your thumb and index finger together, repeating, “I am calm and in control”. Just watch that urge to stuff your face - or as I like to put it - eat your emotions -quickly fade away.

In the end, it is always important to remember that every body is different, there will never be a perfect diet, and we are always going to have our flaws. It is just a matter of accepting ourselves and becoming comfortable in our own skin. If there is anything around you, for example accounts on social media, which make you feel uncomfortable about yourself, then unfollow them. Surround yourself with positive energy and things that light you up. NO FADS, JUST FEEDING

Lovely image courtesy of Goodhood.