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What comes after clean eating? Get to know the latest food trend, the recent article from trend forecasters WGSN really gave us some food for thought (excuse the pun)....

The term ‘clean eating’ can be misleading, and a little confusing. By categorising a form of eating that is ‘clean’ and certain ‘clean’ foods, this automatically suggests that other types of food, and other ways of eating, are contrastingly ‘dirty’ by definition.  

As I’m sure most of you know by now - our philosophy at ROOTED is simple: Listen to Your Body, Feed your Soul. It's refreshing to read pieces like this one from WGSN, which shows that both the industry and general public are adapting a more mindful approach to their diet and eating habits. Intuitive Eating is ALL about eating what your body is telling you it needs, without judgement, guilt or punishment.

2017 has been peak avocado and cacao year; the rise of the superfood. There has never been so much information and instruction on what to eat, when to eat and how to eat it, that it's no wonder we've all got a bit bamboozled. On the food front, we are now overwhelmed with advice from all angles, online and offline. We’ve become too outside of our own bodies. It’s time to focus on within.

When it comes down to it - eating forms part of our basic existence. Along with sleep, breathing, and water; it's essential to our survival. We all need to eat, so why not enjoy it?!

We are all equipped with our own intuition. Take away Instagram, newspapers and magazines, your diet book and your calorie counting app. Stop and listen to your own inner guru - they've been there all along. You've just been caught up in all the outside noise!

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