I’d known about The Organic Pharmacy for years but it wash t until recently I finally got to meet the legend behind the brand, Margo Marrone. We met for breakfast, both having a passion for natural foods and living. Her energy and enthusiasm for health is infectious and she inspired every bone in my body to strive further to tell the ROOTED LONDON story and get people eating better and moving more.  With a wealth of knowledge on living free from toxins and how to live every day to its fullest in optimum health, we couldn’t wait for Margo to tell us her story…  

Let's set the scene…where are you right now? I'm at Equinox about to do my Yoga class. 

Where would you like to be? Exactly where I want to be.

The Organic Pharmacy is now 14 years old. How did you come to define to the brand and its vision, and turn it into what it is today?

The Organic Pharmacy was an extension of my own ethics and values – I wanted to create an ethical business and based many of the starting principles from Deepak Chopra's seven spiritual laws.  I wanted to create a place where honest advice, along with incredible and effective products and treatments, were provided in a way that really made a difference to people's lives, with a healthy dose of glamour. Combining homeopathy, herbalism and nutrition along with organic beauty was the essence of health and beauty for me.

You make everything, hand blended in your own pharmacy. How important is it to you to keep things so close to home?

Yes we have our own factory in Acton where all the products are hand-made. It helps me control the incredible quality of our products. 

What is the biggest change you have seen with your customers, in their homeopathy needs and wants over the years?

I can't say homeopathy is mainstream but the biggest change is the sheer number of people who want to try it.

Modern day life is stressful and many health concerns are due to exactly that, stress. What do you recommend to anyone who is living life in the fast lane and needs to reduce said stress?

For stress I recommend 3 things, all of which are supplements I created exactly for this purpose:

·         Calcium and Magnesium complex: magnesium is known as the mineral tranquilliser and really helps relax not only muscles but also the nervous system.

·         Holy Basil, which is naturally high in B vitamins – the group that supports healthy functioning of the nervous system.

·         Siberian Ginseng tincture – not only does it boost energy but helps the body cope with stress.

I also recommend yoga as it helps you breathe, and the poses are very powerful for releasing stress.

Food also plays an important role – giving up sugar is key as sugar and alcohol play a large role. Eating fresh organic greens, whole grains and generally good food makes all the difference.


The best advice health you’ve ever received? Give up sugar and to cleanse my gut regularly.

The best advice you’ve ever bestowed? Give up sugar – the number one enemy

Last app opened? Instagram

Last book read? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Onto food…What's your typical day on a plate? 

 I always start the morning with a cappuccino, usually with organic milk but some days with almond milk. Half an hour later I take all my supplements with a glass of water and half a lemon squeezed into it. If I eat, it's plain yoghurt with bee pollen, walnuts and berries, but it depends on the time of year. Lunch could be a quinoa salad with either avocado and alfalfa sprouts and olive oil or organic chicken with a multi leaf and herb salad.  Dinner is usually very light – some soup or hummus with carrot sticks. I do eat seasonal and local as well as organic.

What’s your earliest food memory? Grated apple infused with rose water – yum

 What would your last meal be? A really amazing sushi meal. 

The latest restaurant that made you go oooo? Spring restaurant in Somerset house – I love everything about it.  Can we have one in Kensington please!!

What (or how) does staying ROOTED mean to you? To be in touch and aware of my body, to have all the energy I need and feel balanced and healthy.



 In 50 years from now, what is the one thing you want The Organic Pharmacy to be known and remembered for? We make the most amazing products that change people's lives for the better. 

What’s next for The Organic Pharmacy? On May 5th we are opening in the incredible Shangri-La Hotel in Paris with our treatments and detox plans – a must for those wishing to detox in the lap of luxury.