Taking nut milks to a whole new level, The Pressery girls are on mission to fuel supernatural goodness.  With our shared passion for natural living, we couldn’t support Natali and Chi more… Here's their story...

Let's set the scene…where are you right now?

C: I am at my desk in Natali’s flat. We just moved in for two months temporarily whilst we figure out the next stage of The Pressery and how much space we will be needing! Plus, it’s got a nice view and we have our very own kitchen to play about in rather than a shared one like before.

Where would you like to be? N: I would like to be hiking in the Azores.

The Pressery has just turned 2 **applaude**. How did you come to define the brand and its vision, and turn it into what it is today?

 C: To be quite honest, it wasn’t that hard to define the brand and it’s vision. The philosophy has always been less is more, and based on taste and quality more than anything else – this was how our foodie friendship started, WAY before The Pressery entered our periphery. When searching for better quality dairy alternatives out there 3 years ago, the result was pretty dire. We wanted to make delicious raw, almond milk for everyone to see the difference between that and the boxed type that usually had 1% almonds in and a load of other things unpronounceable, let alone recognizable by your body. We encouraged people to make theirs at home because that’s much better for you, if not, they could buy ours. We didn’t want to bring something out that already existed and doing well, we didn’t want to get lost on the market. We felt like almond milk, as an existing product, needed an upgrade and it was necessary for people to understand what goes into their food – and it shouldn’t be a whole lot!  This less is more attitude and philosophy goes into every aspect of the business: we try not to spread ourselves too thinly as there’s only still the two of us, our design has always been the bare minimum and well considered, we don’t say yes to every event (because most of the time we can’t do everything), we believe that you should make time for rituals and fun things, it can’t all be about business otherwise you’ll run out of steam…the list goes on! We’re new to this business thing, and we want to carve out a way that works for us – that’s why people start their own companies, right? To do better, to make changes. It’s a constant evolution, but our vision and what defines the brand remains the same.

Nutritionally-engaged, locally-minded and community-driven is a Pressery ethos. How important is community to you now and with technology taking over 21st century life, how do you see our ‘communities’ changing?

N: Community is everything. I live in London but I don’t feel like I live in a big city. My ‘town’ is Hackney. I know the shop owners, cafe owners and drunks. I really only leave occasionally. I am proud of Hackney and what it has to offer. I avoid Tescos (a nasty plague in Hackney) preferring to shop at the local Turkish shops or small organic outlets. My friends are here and we have a strong work community too. Online may be a convenience but I prefer the real world.

The best advice you’ve ever received?

C: To always take time for and be aware at meal times. Taking deep breaths before eating, chewing properly and not be distracted whilst eating is very important for your mind and body. Your digestion will thank you for it.

The best advice you’ve ever bestowed?

N: Oh gahh. Maybe advising my dad to go vegan for a month. His blood sugar went down and he felt really great.

Last app opened? C: Most likely Instagram on any given day.

Last book read? N: Reasons To Stay Alive - Matt Haig

Onto food, our mutual passion…What's your typical day on a plate?

C: Morning - Green juice and light breakfast salad of avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, fresh herbs, olive oil, lemon juice and chilli flakes – sometimes with a soft boiled egg!

Lunchtime - Ideally, something leftover from the night before, or a bowl of grains, salads and fermented vegetables al desko. Failing that, a takeaway from one of our faves – Tiosk, Pavilion or Franz & Evans.

Dinner - Grilled salmon with tamari, sesame oil and spring onions, served with brown rice and steamed veggies with sauerkraut.

 What would your last meal be?

C: This is hard question! Probably something pasta based, using ridiculously simple and seasonal ingredients and some really tasty biodynamic red wine. 

The latest restaurant that made you go oooo?

N: Ellory in London Fields. We are friends with the head chef Matthew. Formerly of Mayfields (which was amazing too. Ellory has an elegant dining room, solid marble bar and a light, interesting and ever changing menu.

What (or how) does staying ROOTED mean to you?

C: Maintaining a state of calm most of the time - meditation and yoga helps a lot with this. Trying to not let the life waves get on top of you. Enjoying food and drink, surrounded by the best people in your life.


In 50 years from now, what is the one thing you want The Pressery to be known and remembered for?

N: Integrity. Through the kind of business that we run, the way we run it, the products that we bring out and the charities that we support.

What’s next for The Pressery?

C: We always have loads of ideas exploding from our brains, but we have found that taking one thing at a time and not spreading ourselves too thinly works the best. Hence, just almond milk for the first two years! We pride ourselves over quality and only choose to develop projects when we feel there’s a need for improving an existing version or we are excited to bring something interesting to the market. Watch this space!

In the next three years what innovation will have the greatest impact on technology/business/culture?  

N: I think that augmented reality and the ability to collaborate virtually with people and consume information on the move will mean the ability to work from anywhere. Some companies and businesses will embrace this and others won’t. As a working mother I see the ability to switch on outside of 9-5 hours as a positive. I can now pick my daughter up from school and switch back on once she is in bed. Allowing me to spend precious time with her. Not everyone works well sitting in one place for 9 hours a day. I know that doesn’t work for me. We will have the technology that will enable us, if willing, to completely turn the classic working structure on it’s head. That is exciting.