MONDAY 25TH february 2019

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Manifestation is a transformational tool that can help you dream your life into being.

We often have dreams and ideal scenarios we would like to happen, but our negative and cynical inner voices can beat this out of us, making us think it’s not possible, or we aren’t good enough, or it is too unachievable. In order to make our dream world a reality, we need to align our self-esteem with our intuition and work harmoniously with our conscious and unconscious states to make these ideal scenarios and desires happen. 

You’re probably familiar with the term ‘positive thinking.’ Have you ever experienced a time when you’ve been in a foul mood, emitting negative energy, and more bad stuff seems to have happened to you or your bad day has gotten even worse?  Similarly, have you noticed how on a bright and joyful day, when you are full of confidence and radiating happiness, that more positive things seem to come your way and your actions have a beneficial effect on what’s going on around you? 

The same applies to our mind. If we spend quiet, dedicated time with ourselves, every day, manifesting positive images and affirmations of changes we want to happen in our lives, we become aligned and give ourselves the opportunity to dream our world into being. We become harmonious, working towards the same vision. We overcome the negative and pessimistic inner voices beating us down, and that is when the magic happens. 

This does not happen overnight, because nothing worth having does. This is a constant evolving power, and much like meditation, yoga or other kinds of healing it requires energy, belief and strength from YOU.  I have utitilised this power to get me where I am now. It has enabled me to move city, buy a house, get a book deal, pass my driving test, start my own business and find stillness amongst a very busy world. In this workshop I share my secrets with you.


  • You feel stuck or trapped in a career, relationship or lifestyle that doesn’t fulfil you

  • You are looking to make a big change, like moving town, city or country

  • You are planning to leave your job and work for yourself and need extra guidance

  • You have starting your own business or have recently made the leap into something new and want to manifest it’s success

  • You are lacking in confidence and self esteem 

  • You feel fed up of feeling exhausted and stuck in a routine and want to feel that va-va boom of life

  • You feel that you are wasting time, energy and money in toxic friendships and relationships and want to move on


  • This workshop will be hands on, creative and conversational.

  • What is manifesting

  • Building self-worth

  • Vision boards - what, why, where

  • Guided meditations and visualisations

  • How to put a price on your worth

  • Stepping into your purpose and living it

  • A guide to visualisations 

  • A guide to manifesting

Join me for some dedicated YOU time, where I will teach you how to manifest your visions and dreams and turn them into reality. This online workshop will harness the powers of intuition to help you create the life you deserve and the life that you choose for yourself. 

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What: A live 2 hour online workshop, with handouts and a plethora of tools to manifest intuitively, LIVE with me, Pandora Paloma

When: Monday 25th February, 7.30 - 9.30PM BST

Why: Because you know whats good for you

Where: Online, via Crowdcast (so you can watch from anywhere in the world)

How: The link to the live e-event will be sent to you prior to launch. Simply grab your notebook, log into Crowdcast, sit back and relax from the comfort of your own home)

Can’t join live? All ROOTED LIVING LIVE e-events will be recorded so you can watch back again and again.

COST: £19.99