Sweet potato toast?! The wellness world has gone crazy for this clever little invention as of late, so we couldn’t resist getting the toaster out and giving it a shot.

Sweet potatoes are an incredible source of Vitamin A, bursting with beta-carotene, so they make an interesting replacement for your run-of-the-mill toast in the morning, or even as an afternoon snack.

Sweet or savoury, the possibilities are endless. We’ve had fun in the ROOTED KITCHEN combining, turmeric roasted cauliflower with raw houmous and cherry toms, fresh coconut yoghurt with strawberries, broad bean and mint houmous with beetroot, and our favourite flavour of all, raw almond butter with banana and goji berries.

 To have a go at our favourite slice of toast you’ll need…


Makes three slices

-          3 circular slices of sweet potato each ¼ inch thick

-          1 banana

-          Almond butter

-          Goji berries


1)      Simply pop your potato slices into the toaster and toast for two rounds, or until they are as crispy as you like your regular toast. Any less than two and the potato will still be raw.

2)      Using homemade almond butter (almonds blitzed until smooth in a food processor) we like to smother our toasty slices. Shop bought nut butters work just as beautifully.

3)      Chop you banana into slices and decorate your toast, sprinkling goji berries over the top.

4)      Tuck in!

Such an easy way to get creative in the kitchen.

Peace out,

The ROOTED crew.