Quinoa, now that we can all pronounce it properly, may seem like a bit of old news, but these little grain-like seeds are naturally gluten-free and great source of essential nutrients are bodies are craving in Spring and Summer: magnesium, vitamin B and calcium.

Jam packed with fresh green vegetables and a range of herbs such as parsley which is a natural anti-inflammatory, this is great for boosting the immune system and will keep you feeling well-nourished and satisfied. 

This is a recipe I go back to time and time again and can be adapted with the seasons with a change of plants and herbs.

Our lemon dressing not only tastes fresh, but with tamari it includes tryptophan, a natural mood-enhancer and a natural saltiness. Enjoy!

Spring Quinoa Salad - serves 4

- 200g quinoa

- handful of fresh parsley

- handful of fresh basil

- handful of fresh mint

- a bundle of asparagus

- 2 cups of peas

- a head broccoli

- organic feta or goats cheese & poppy seeds to pop on top

Lemon Dressing

- good drizzle of rapeseed oil

- juice of one lemon

- 1/2 teaspoon french mustard

- teaspoon tamari

1. Steam the asparagus, peas and broccoli. To remove the heads of the asparagus (if you so wish) hold the stems from both ends and bend - they will break naturally.

2. Cook the quinoa in stock whilst chopping the herbs.

3. Drain the quinoa and add in the freshly chopped herbs. Add in the vegetables when they are done - not too soft, you don't want to lose the nutrients!

4. Mix dressing ingredients, serve with your cheese of choice and poppy seeds and tuck in!