“Pandora is such a warm yet strong coach. She's incredibly passionate and really lives what she teaches. Anyone who knows her would agree that she's an amazing example to her clients. Having done her intuitive eating program, I'm delighted with the impact it's had on me. I feel so much more confident in myself and am finding that I'm making better choices and breaking bad habits quite naturally. Intuition is definitely creeping quite effortlessly into other areas of my life too. I recommend her and her intuitive eating program wholeheartedly”.


"The intuitive eating coaching was so much more than just about eating, by bringing self awareness to my whole live, Pandora helped me to identify what was really going on so that my relationship with food reflected my relationship with life - healthy, happy and full of soul. Each week built onto the next, so that I was able to build up a full picture of what intuitive living and eating really felt like. I realised the importance of self care and laying the foundations to allow for a flourishing life.  Pandora's unique, grounded and wise teachings allowed me to do more than eat and live intuitively, it allowed me to express myself more fully and embrace who I am. It was the education that would benefit every woman, as I learnt to fall in love with myself so every decision was based on love rather than fear. I found myself being more outgoing and embrace my quirkiness, I wasn't afraid to be myself - which is more than I could have imagined from an intuitive eating coaching! Thank you Pandora for continuing to inspire me to feel empowered and connected to myself!" 


“I've been lucky enough to experience Pandora's food, yoga and workshops. I love her energy, she comes across as very grounded and just real, which is refreshing. I like the sense she gave everyone in her Finding and Living Your Purpose Workshop, of: You know what? Not everything is perfect! We all struggle but we all can do something about reaching a higher place. You can tell she speaks not only from the heart but from experience and I feel like she's lived the process and so it gives her work a sense of weight and meaning”.


“I booked a session with Pandora because I was suffering from PCOS with very heavy period pains. After years of visiting several GPs and gynaecologists I got very frustrated as no one seemed to be able to help me. I was relieved when I spoke to Pandora, who was a fantastic listener and tailored a bespoke diet plan, advised on the right food supplements and triggered re-thinking my general approach to life. After only 4 weeks I experienced such a difference, that I almost couldn't believe it. This wonderful woman helped me to live a 'painless life' with no fears over the next menstruation. I can't thank her enough! Additionally with her Life Coaching skills, she helped me to reduce my stress levels and taught me how to cope with difficult situations. There is so much more Pandora helped me with, but I leave it up to you to make your very own unique experience in your very own session. You deserve it!”



"I visited Pandora for nutrition sessions, as well as attending one of her self-love workshops and I was super impressed. Her affinity towards people is obvious, I felt totally at ease and like I was being truly taken care of. Pandora listened to my diet, lifestyle, history and mental state. She then made me a tailored, realistic plan alongside offering plenty of other advice which has really helped me on my journey to better health and happiness. I love Pandora's approach as it is not full of NO's and DON'T and must not haves. Highly recommend ROOTED!" 


“I’m not exaggerating when I say Pandora transformed my gut health! By following her easy and achievable tips and nutritional changes, the severe bloating I regularly suffered from soon became a thing of the past and I felt healthier and more energised within 4 weeks. Her attitude towards intuitive eating is inspirational.” 


"I have been one of the very lucky people to complete the Intuitive Eating and Living Programme and experience Pandora’s knowledge and wisdom of intuitive eating and living. She speaks from the heart but also from experience and has a truly wonderful way of guiding you through, particularly those struggling with food. Food is something that I have also had an obsession about - and not in the right kind of way! Beginning this journey has really opened my eyes to what/why I have certain behaviours with food. With this course I learnt a forever toolkit that I use for every aspect of life now. I'm miles ahead of where I was before and that's all because of Pandora's guidance. She has such a powerful yet soft approach which really resonates. It's inspiring and teaches you about how to change your relationship with food and with yourself. I can now look in the mirror butt naked and tell myself that I'm fabulous. She’s magic xxx "


"Last year, I was feeling a sluggish 50+ year old woman who was stuck in a rut with diet and menu choices. Pandora from ROOTED really supported me to re-think and re-boot my approach to life. I started to think about myself holistically, understand my choices and find a zest for living well. The caring and informative approach coupled with advice on nutrition, exercise and supplements have been the tonic for feeling revitalised. As a grandma of two little boys, I need all the energy I can get! I cannot thank Pandora enough".

"Since seeking Pandora's support, her calm and carefully curated guidance has been fundamental to my health and recovery. She is calm, nurturing and makes sure that every detail and concern is accounted for. I have more energy, happiness and peace in my life since bringing her on board to help out with getting better. Would recommend to anyone going through a major life change or just for small pointers towards feeding your body and brain the right stuff".


"I started to see Pandora for intuitive eating and living therapy and she’s helped me so much. Her holistic approach and guidance are very inspiring, reassuring and practical at the same time. I feel way more at peace today, I know I’m on the right track. it’s a promising journey. Pandora is an amazing person and a brilliant therapist".



“Rooted London and the coachin Pandora offers is truly wonderful. She is so warm and sensitive and her approach is very holistic and practical at the same time. I highly recommend to anyone looking for some help with both mind, body and spirit”

“Pandora has an in-depth understanding of the complexities of life and the modern demands of womanhood. She is an old soul who grasps modern-day life with an intuitive approach and her methods are very relatable to anyone who seeks her guidance. I'm so glad I found her!


“Honestly, this program was a true life saver. Not only is Pandora kind and funny, but she is real, raw, honest and shares from personal experience. This program is worth every cent. Truly, this program saved my life. The tools given are practical and can be used to transform long after the program is over. Do this if you are struggling with body image, an eating disorder or want to improve overall holistic mind and body health. It is SO worth it!!”



“It's been so valuable to find Pandora, a coach that has a holistic methodology that looks at food, living and business, because they all kind of effect each other don't they! I really felt quite a breakthrough and I'm so grateful I found her.

“I started the course at a time when I was feeling so weird and anxious that I didn't really recognise myself and it taught me so much about what really is and isn't important. I don't waste any time thinking negatively about myself now and it has freed up so much time and headspace! I think one of the loveliest things I've learned from Pandora is the effect of others' words (family, friends, colleagues, media etc) on ourselves - and especially of my words on other people. I do make a conscious effort to lead by example now which has put me in such a positive place.  I thought I was signing up to learn how to sort my eating habits out, but actually I feel like I got so much more out of the course. I think the first thing I learned is that there probably isn't a quick fix for the issues I was having, and also that they weren't necessarily related to food in the first place. Taking some time out every week for myself was really invaluable and gave me so much to think about, and still does now!”