“I KNOW THAT WHEN WE TRANSFORM HOW WE ARE LIVING and reconnect our mind, body and spirit and trust in our inner gps, we radically transform our lives”.


I’m Pandora Paloma, Intuitive Living Coach and Founder of ROOTED LIVING.

It’s my mission to be a voice for women. A voice that stands up and says…

“I’m a free woman. A free spirit. A free body. A free mind”

I work to inspire women to rebel against societies ridiculous beauty and social standards and instead feel safe, supported and empowered in the skin they are in. I encourage women tap into their individual power - or feminine force to speak their truth, be seen and be heard.

I specialise in Intuitive Eating, Living and Business, which means connecting to our body's innate wisdom - our intuition - to guide us to live fully in our power, with our most authentic purpose and ultimately, with our fullest potential.

With Intuitive Eating. I shut the door on diets, body shaming and playing small in life and instead, celebrate bodies and the innate feminine force we as women have inside us.

With Intuitive Living I help you see and feel things you cannot currently see and feel. I help you to step into your purpose, unleash your power and up-level to create a life you love.

Intuitive Business coaching combines my 13 year-long career in Communications, along with business coaching and soulful self-development to create more purpose, more power and more profit for your business.

In our increasingly busy world, learning how to connect to our inner wisdom is becoming harder and harder. I personally spent many years battling low self-worth and a negative inner critic. The patterns I was living out were obsessive and unhealthy. I wasn’t truly living. I had to change the narrative.

Enough. Enough now.

Over a decade ago I found connection in listening to my body and understanding what I was really hungry for.

It’s time to reclaim our bodies, reclaim our feminine force and show the world who we truly are.

I’ve trained in Naturopathic Nutrition, Intuitive Eating, Life Coaching, CBT, Yoga and Meditation, along with an additional 100 hours training in anything and everything female empowerment.

It’s been a wild ride and I live, heart wide open to share my knowledge with you.

I’m based between London and Kent, where I work privately with clients 1:1 and through my signature, transformative 6 Week Intuitive Eating and Living Online Programme and Intuitive Business Programme, which both launch twice a year.

I’ve written expert advice and comment pieces for the UK’s leading magazines including Stylist, Elle, Brydie, Refinery 29, Women’s Health, Hip & Healthy and Get the Gloss.

I’ve hosted talks for Stylist Live, Spotify, Bare Minerals and the Lulu Lemon Community and have held residencies and collaborations with Soho House Group, Nicholas Kirkwood, Adidas, Aveda, Freepeople, Topshop and Puma to name a few.

When I’m not spreading the #ROOTEDLIVING philosophy, you’ll find me walking on beaches on the Kent coast with my favourite people (my partner and my daughter Romilly). Sometimes - just sometimes - you’ll find me dancing (terribly) to techno and the rest of the time you’ll find me cooking and eating (intuitively of course) in my kitchen at home.

Thanks for stopping by, I so appreciate you being here.



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