Ready to RE-SET?

We are constantly bombarded with labels. From food to fashion we are told what’s in trend and what’s out, what’s good for us and what’s bad, what’s right for you and what’s not. With Intuitive Living, I shine a light on things that you can’t see. From business to love, purpose to money, I’ll get you clear of what stories and imprints you’re living that aren’t your own, how and why they are holding you back from living authentically you, and how best to break-through them. I don’t empower you, I simply help you see your power.

The ROOTED RE-SET is a three-part programme, allowing support and clarity to reset your mindset and your goals. We take your inner critic, negative mindset and limiting beliefs and reset to align with your authentic self all while being guided by your intuition.

These sessions give you the beginnings of living intuitively, typically over one or three months. This isn’t deep work (head to my ROOTED LIVING programme for something deeper) but an introduction to setting life on your terms, guided by your greatest power; your intuition.


These sessions are done via Skype (first session 1-2-1 in London (location permitting). 

Sessions include :

  • Identifying and overcoming toxic self talk and lack of self-belief

  • Transforming, re-framing and releasing old thought patterns and stuck energy and mindset

  • Identifying and transforming critical self-talk, negative belief systems, old memories and triggers

  • Trusting intuition: the 101

  • Creating a new belief system

  • Re-programming old beliefs, stories and imprints

  • Mindset tools to bring you into alignment

  • Meditation and visualisation tools

  • Building on the vital intuition living foundation of self love, trust, acceptance and worth

  • Nutrition, body movement, intuitive eating - where needed

  • Purpose building:  moving forward

  • A bespoke meditation or visualisation to support you


  • x6 60 minute sessions (the first 90 minutes), typically done over 1 or 3 months

  • A recorded video of the sessions

  • Unlimited access to me via Voxer and email for the duration of our work together

  • Handouts and homework (the good variety) after each session

  • Meditations - often personalised


The cost to RESET your life is:

OPTION ONE: x 6 instalments of £166.67 (total £1000)

OPTION TWO: x 3 instalments of £300 (total £900 - saving £100)

OPTION 3: x 1 payment of £800 (saving £200)

Note: Payments made by bank transfer or Paypal (all card / credit cards accepted)



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The intuitive eating coaching was so much more than just about eating, by bringing self awareness to my whole live, Pandora helped me to identify what was really going on so that my relationship with food reflected my relationship with life - healthy, happy and full of soul. Each week built onto the next, so that I was able to build up a full picture of what intuitive living and eating really felt like. I realised the importance of self care and laying the foundations to allow for a flourishing life.  Pandora’s unique, grounded and wise teachings allowed me to do more than eat and live intuitively, it allowed me to express myself more fully and embrace who I am. It was the education that would benefit every woman, as I learnt to fall in love with myself so every decision was based on love rather than fear. I found myself being more outgoing and embrace my quirkiness, I wasn’t afraid to be myself - which is more than I could have imagined from an intuitive eating coaching! Thank you Pandora for continuing to inspire me to feel empowered and connected to myself!

I started to see Pandora for intuitive eating and living coaching and she’s helped me so much. Her holistic approach and guidance is very inspiring, reassuring and practical at the same time. I feel way more at peace after each session and she encourages me to stay on the right track. it’s a promising journey. Pandora an amazing person and a brilliant therapist.
— Myriam Achour, Designer