Who do you want to be today?

Who do you want to be everyday? 

What would it feel like to love yourself enough to be truly seen? How would it feel to step into the woman you want to be? How would it feel to be empowered everyday and trust in your intuition to guide you in life? 

We are constantly bombarded with labels. From food to fashion we are told what’s in trend and what’s out, what’s good for us and what’s bad, what’s right for you and what’s not. With Intuitive Living, I shine a light on things that you can’t see. From business to love, purpose to money, I’ll get you clear of what stories and imprints you’re living that aren’t your own, how and why they are holding you back from living authentically you, and how best to break-through them. I don’t empower you, I simply help you see your power.

I take everything that feels sticky and toxic or directed by your toxic self-talk and we un-package it. We let it all out and re-write your story. We give the finger to self-sabotage, body blocks and limiting mentalities and open up the path for you to step into YOU with greatness.

The ROOTED LIVING Programme is total game-changer for your mindset and your life. 

These sessions give you the deep-dive into living intuitively, typically over three to six months. This work is my most powerful programme. Get ready to make some serious shifts.

Are you ready?

These sessions are created bespoke for each client. From our initial session I’ll outline what the focus of the remaining 11 sessions will look like. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for ROOTED LIVING. The work is created just for YOU.


These sessions are done via Skype (first session 1-2-1 in London (location permitting). 

Sessions include :

  • Identifying and overcoming toxic self talk and lack of self-belief

  • Transforming, re-framing and releasing old thought patterns and stuck energy and mindset

  • Identifying and transforming critical self-talk, negative belief systems, old memories and triggers

  • Trusting intuition: the 101

  • Creating a new belief system

  • Re-programming old beliefs, stories and imprints

  • Mindset tools to bring you into alignment

  • Meditation and visualisation tools

  • Building on the vital intuition living foundation of self love, trust, acceptance and worth

  • Nutrition, body movement, intuitive eating - where needed

  • Purpose building:  moving forward

  • A bespoke meditation or visualisation to support you


  • 12 sessions, the first 90 minutes and the remaining 11 sessions are one hour each, typically done over 3-6 months

  • A recorded video of the sessions

  • Unlimited access to me via email for the duration of our work together

  • Unlimited access to me via VOXER (a business whatsapp) for the duration of our work together

  • Handouts and homework (the good variety) after each session

  • The initial session also includes a nutrition diagnosis (if suitable)

  • Access to my 6 week Intuitive Eating & Living programme or Intuitive Business Programme (WORTH £300 / £797)


The cost to transform the LIVING in your life is:

OPTION ONE: x 6 instalments of £300 (total £1800)

OPTION TWO: x 3 instalments of £566.67 (total £1700 - saving £100)

OPTION 3: x 1 payment of £1600 (saving £200)

Note: Payments made by bank transfer or Paypal (all card / credit cards accepted)

It’s been so valuable to find Pandora, a coach that has a holistic methodology that looks at food, living and business, because they all kind of effect each other don’t they! I really felt quite a breakthrough and I’m so grateful I found her.
Since seeking Pandora’s support, her calm and carefully curated guidance has been fundamental to my health and recovery. She is calm, nurturing and makes sure that every detail and concern is accounted for. I have more energy, happiness and peace in my life since bringing her on board to help out with getting better. Would recommend to anyone going through a major life change or just for small pointers towards feeding your body and brain the right stuff.



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Rooted London and the service Pandora offers is truly wonderful. She is so warm and sensitive and her approach is very holistic and practical at the same time. I highly recommend to anyone looking for some help with both mind, body and spirit