Ready to RE-ALIGN?

Sometimes in life we need some hand-holding along the way.  If theres niggling thoughts and feelings about your food habits or body blocks, this session gives you clarity to move forwards to a more peaceful relationship with food and your body.

The session focuses on one or two main areas of concern and together, we dive right in to starting fix them.

In these sessions you’ll come away feeling re-aligned. You’ll learn to make food choices that honor your health and satisfy your taste buds, while also making you feel good from the inside out.

You’ll receive my tried and tested mindset tools to help you learn the basics on eating intuitively.

This session is an MOT for your relationship with food, a spring clean, a top up for your self-worth and a chat with your BFF all in one. 


  • Identifying diet mentalities and body blocks and shaming

  • Re-framing your beliefs around food

  • Identifying stuck patterns, self-talk, negative belief systems, old memories and triggers

  • Intuitive Eating, the basics

  • Self love, acceptance, worth and trust tools


  • One 120 minute session via Crowdcast (like Skype)

  • A recorded video of the session 

  • 3 Action steps to move forward

  • A follow up email two weeks after the session

  • Handouts after the session (if needed)


The cost to RE-ALIGN is £250.

Note: Payment plan of 2 instalments available. If you decide to continue working with me on THE ROOTED LIVING 12 Week programme, then this price will be discounted off.


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Pandora is such a warm yet strong coach. She’s incredibly passionate and really lives what she teaches. Anyone who knows her would agree that she’s an amazing example to her clients. Having done her intuitive eating program, I’m delighted with the impact it’s had on me. I feel so much more confident in myself and am finding that I’m making better choices and breaking bad habits quite naturally. Intuition is definitely creeping quite effortlessly into other areas of my life too. I recommend her and her intuitive eating program wholeheartedly.
— Kate, Hypnobirthing Teacher