What would it feel like to love yourself enough to be truly seen? How would it feel to be completely free from body shaming and living with toxic diet mentalities?

I can say from experience that it feel AH-MAZING!

The ROOTED LIVING Programme is a 12 week game-changer for anyone with disordered eating, an unhealthy relationship with food or bad body image.

We take everything that feels overwhelming about food we un-package it. We let it all out and re-write it. We give the finger to self-sabotage, body blocks and diet mentalities and open up the path for you to step into a new way of eating, that lasts a lifetime.

Are you ready?

Whether you’re coming from a life of yo-yo dieting or body shaming this programme is a deep-dive into YOU. I help you identify and release your fears, your resistance and your blocks.  I identify and re-shape your behaviours and your mindset, re-creating and re-framing your mentality. 

These sessions are created bespoke for each client. From our initial session I’ll outline what the focus of the remaining 11 sessions will look like. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The work is created just for YOU.


These sessions are done via Skype (first session 1-2-1 in London (location permitting). 

Sessions include :

  • A safe space and a hand hold for you to open up to your issues around food and your body

  • Identifying toxic self talk and it’s limiting effect, re-framing it and releasing it

  • Identifying stuck patterns, diet mentalities, negative belief systems, old memories and triggers

  • Re-framing diet mentalities and emotional eating

  • Creating a new rulebook for your diet without shame and guilt

  • Self love, acceptance, worth and trust tools

  • Education of the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating and Living (if applicable)

  • Trusting intuition: the tools

  • Purpose building:  moving forward

  • Intuitive Eating health assessment and workbook

  • Progress assessment

  • 3 bespoke meditations or visualisations


  • 12 sessions, the first 2 hours and the remaining 11 one hour each, typically done over 3-6 months

  • A recorded video of the sessions

  • Unlimited access to me via email for the duration of our work together

  • Unlimited access to me via VOXER (a business whatsapp) for the duration of our work together

  • Handouts and homework (the good variety) after each session

  • The initial session also includes a nutrition diagnosis (if suitable)

  • Access to my ROOTED LIVING LIVE programme (live 3 times per year) WORTH £300


The cost to transform the LIVING in your life is £1700 (£1500 paid in full)

Payment plans with instalments available.


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The intuitive eating coaching was so much more than just about eating, by bringing self awareness to my whole live, Pandora helped me to identify what was really going on so that my relationship with food reflected my relationship with life - healthy, happy and full of soul. Each week built onto the next, so that I was able to build up a full picture of what intuitive living and eating really felt like. I realised the importance of self care and laying the foundations to allow for a flourishing life.  Pandora’s unique, grounded and wise teachings allowed me to do more than eat and live intuitively, it allowed me to express myself more fully and embrace who I am. It was the education that would benefit every woman, as I learnt to fall in love with myself so every decision was based on love rather than fear. I found myself being more outgoing and embrace my quirkiness, I wasn’t afraid to be myself - which is more than I could have imagined from an intuitive eating coaching! Thank you Pandora for continuing to inspire me to feel empowered and connected to myself!

Rooted London and the service Pandora offers is truly wonderful. She is so warm and sensitive and her approach is very holistic and practical at the same time. I highly recommend to anyone looking for some help with both mind, body and spirit