As a Yoga Teacher and Naturopathic Nutritionist and Healer, I’ve worked a lot on myself: growing, developing, opening up the dark places and filling them with light. It’s not often easy and though it seems like a never-ending journey, it’s one that you know will open your heart in ways you’d never imagined, and that space will last forever. The lessons we learn build us, make us stronger and develop our ability to teach and heal others. And we must never stop learning…

When I came across Nicky’s 6 week ‘Transform Your Diet, Transform Your Life’ workshop series, I knew this was a woman who spoke my language.  I was so interested in her philosophy and knew she’d make impact on my growth, which of course, she did.

Two weeks into the course something happened to me that would change my life forever. It’s personal, and doesn't need to be shared in this space but what I will tell you, I GOT SCARED.  Having worked with my inner child for years, I knew this feeling. The feeling I had pushed down so many times in order to continue with my independent life as I liked it, strong and punchy with no help needed because of course, “everything was fine”. But sometimes life isn’t fine is it. It sucks.

Nicky understood what I was feeling. I was vulnerable. To hear her say it to me was like a soothing cup of hot chocolate rushing through my insides, which of course I learnt was exactly what I needed to feed myself with at the time.

I’ve touched on the study of Macrobiotics in very small quantities. Nicky is an encyclopedia. Having studied Macrobiotics for years and eaten this way for over a decade, she really is the guru here. My mind opened as I learnt about Yin and Yang foods, which followed by too many ‘ah ha’ moments to recount. As a natural Yang personality I knew of many foods that made my body feel heavy and inflamed – cue alcohol, caffeine, sugar but that was obvious. Nicky opened my eyes to the foods that I thought were GREAT for me, which were not. Too much yang on yang – I was making myself harder, and that tough exterior of “everything is fine” was having its way and taking centre stage. It’s funny how these things creep in.

So what did I learn from this course? I learnt to be vulnerable. I learnt that it’s ok to be vulnerable. I learnt to look at food and appreciate its qualities in a different way. It’s heightened my understanding of intuitive eating, something I have studied, practice and stand for passionately. I learnt about foods I’d never heard of such as Mochi, which whilst it could taste like cheese, I’d prefer manchego thank you. Mostly, I learnt that the relationship with our diet is ever-changing. What works now, might not work next week, next year or in 10 years.  And finally, I learnt that that’s ok. Everything might not be always be FINE, but everything WILL BE OK.

For more information on Nicky's course, head here.

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