I'm often asked how much of my own philosophy I actually follow. People are curious as to whether I am ‘good’ all the time and "do I have down days?" Yes of course, BUT only because when it comes to my 5 non-negotiables, the answer is YES, I absolutely do practice what I preach. I thought I would write them down in hope there might be one that you can stick to and lead you deeper down the path of Intuitive Living.

The ROOTED ethos is based on intuition; living as mindfully and consciously as possible. As someone who encourages and guides others in how to find balance, I am a big believer in listening to what my body needs. Sometimes that might be a large glass of wine. Sometimes it could be a pizza. Sometimes an extra long yoga class. My mindset is all about self-love, there is no space for guilt or shame. Healthy to me means loving myself, first and foremost. It means exercising and moving my body as often as possible. It means eating intuitively, not emotionally, or stressfully. It means working with my body, not against it. 

There are a few things that have become so inherent in my routine that I consider them essential to my equilibrium. These rituals keep me in tune with my intuition and my body, soul and mind in synergy. I would recommend the following to anyone looking to feel more rooted / more connected with themselves. 

Let me know if you have any questions, and if you try it, how you get on.

Rooted love, Pandora Paloma. X


I like to meditate in the morning, as soon as I can from waking up. I do this for a minimum of twenty minutes, and often I’ll combine yoga and meditation together. I use Vedic mantra meditation or a visualisation - generally focusing on living my purpose and reaching goals, that can be very powerful. If you’re new to meditation, start with a guided meditation online or with an app, or learn Vedic meditation with Jess Love who is wonderful. Here’s a beautiful visualisation that I use time and time again for empowering myself and strengthening feelings of self-worth and kindness.

  • sit with your eyes closed and visualise yourself in your happy place: the beach, a forrest, a mountain 
  • use your senses to feel, smell and really explore where you are
  • find a door and count to 10 internally as you move down each step into a room. Visualise the room in your perfect decor. For me this is my dream home with glass all around leading onto the beach and sea.
  • look at yourself in the mirror. You look great, you’re healthy, you're glowing and you love yourself.
  • find a table in the middle of the room and sit down
  • before you is a switchboard. Now find the buttons for the below and:
    • turn up self-love
    • turn up strength
    • turn down negativity and lack of self-worth
    • turn up courage
    • turn up peace for yourself and others
    • turn down fear
    • turn up kindness to yourself and others

- from here walk back to your happy place, count to 10 internally and then gently open your eyes.


Similar to writing it down, by having a conversation in your head, with yourself, you are actually acknowledging what is going on in there. We can busy ourselves so often, that we become on pilot mode. By checking in, we can connect with our truth, our real emotions, and work simultaneously with our mind and body. How you are feeling will determine what you should eat for breakfast (check out the recipes page for how I like to describe foods), what you should wear, your journey to work - EVERYTHING in your day should support and nourish how you're feeling. Put it this way if I’m feeling emotional I’ll make sure to eat something comforting for breakfast, take more time to walk to work to clear my head and wear something that is comfy. All of these tiny choices make a BIG impact. So tune in, listen and be kind to you.


This is my favourite and it can be done daily, weekly, monthly, just as often as what works for you. I use a combination of all three. I use my daily intention after my meditation, which I say in my head for around 5 minutes. This will be what my current goal is so one week it might be a financial manifestation, “My great work needs to be supported and I call it in” and the next, something more emotional, “I am strong and confident and I’m creating a movement with my message”. Then long term, I write down my intentions for the month and year, and these go on my vision board. Manifesting thoughts and creative visualisation plays a huge part in my holistic healing approach, and the reason I recommend it to my clients so extensively is due to my personal success with it. You’d be surprised how powerful your mind is!


Writing is such a key part of dealing with emotions and manifesting the life you want to live. By offloading onto paper, you are literally helping your mind to process what has happened, and to overcome any trauma, anger or unwanted feelings, or outline the goals you want to reach, and make them happen. It is also a useful way to reflect on the triggers of your emotions, why a particular thing led to a certain feeling or noticing a pattern in your mood. Why something didn't work, and how you can make it work next time. I keep 3 small journals:

  • Abundance - my manifestation journal 
  • Education - things I feel, see, hear in life that inspire me to change, expand, see things differently. This includes things I want to share with others - a bit like an ‘ideas’ book.
  • Journal - very simple notes on a page. How I’m feeling, where I am, who I’m seeing…anything that flows. 

Note: if something negative has happened I’ll very often write down my thoughts on paper and then burn it. No need to keep onto past traumas - just move on with fresh eyes on a new day.


Sounds easy right? Wrong…this one took years to master and it’s one I practice this everyday!  No guilt or deprivation, I listen to my body. I speak to her, listen to her, touch her. This is the foundation of my practice - to help others tune into their body, connect deeper and really learn to love themselves again.  I could elaborate more here, but I’ll save that for a separate post!