Sustainability is at the core of ROOTED London's ethos, so when we met sustainable fashion emporium Rêve en Vert, it was clear we would would become brand friends. ROOTED's vision of sustainability, knowing where your food is from, buying local and as seasonally as possible is key in the ROOTED Kitchen and how we feel about food, REV feel about fashion. 

REV stocks brands that are locally produced and manufactured, created with sustainable materials, ethically sourced and they champion independent designers. From fashion to interiors they select the best brands in the sustainable world to offer a luxury service for mindful folk. 

We met last year when ROOTED hosted a Supperclub for Earth Hour where lights were switched off and the table set for a feast of plant-based goodness. We've since worked on a number of projects and I've been in constant admiration for the duo behind the brand, Natasha and Cora. Here's their story...introducing Rêve En Vert...

How, why and when did you decide to launch REV?

Cora: I had the idea for Rêve En Vert when I was finishing my Masters in Environmental Politics. I was so vested in finding a way to combine my passion for sustainability with the desire to live a contemporary and cosmopolitan life and fashion seemed the obvious starting point. The idea was that the consumer needed a sort of ethical version of Net a Porter as an option to shopping more consciously.

Tash: It was exactly how I wanted to shop. I had worked on an organic farm for a year and I had planned on starting my own restaurant of some kind. That didn’t happen but it did set me on a path of thought and desire to be more sustainable in all aspects of my life and when Cora talked about the idea of Rêve I knew it’s what I wanted to do.

Why so passionate about sustainable fashion?

Tash: Getting dressed is the one thing we all do everyday and fashion is so pervasive in all of our lives. It’s also one of the worst industries in terms of environmental damage so there is a huge scope to effect change in it. It is also a lot of fun too, and sustainable fashion should look great and make you feel great too.

What's your typical day on a plate (your daily food plan)?

Tash: Breakfast is fresh juice and yoghurt with granola. Lunch is usually a nice fresh salad, and for dinner I love making vegetable tagines, curries, or stir-fries.

Cora: Breakfast is coconut yogurt with chia seeds. Lunch is normally a salad with heaps of avocado and dinner is often out so I love finding restaurants working with organic foods or local sourcing-Grain Store is a favourite, as is Pont St.

What was your earliest food memory?

Tash: Maybe not my earliest but one of my most formative was crepes my grandmother used to make for us with freshly squeezed lemon and sugar. It was a weekend ritual growing up.

Cora: My mother made the massive mistake of letting me eat dover sole off of her plate once when I was two years old and for months I refused to eat anything except sole meuniere...I still love it though have gotten a bit more reasonable in my demands!

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

Cora: I had a meal in Cortona, Italy, a tiny town outside of Sienna, where no one spoke a word of English and each course was chosen for you. It was simple and exquisite Italian food, which is my favourite kind. Obviously paired with lots of red wine.

Tash: Eating at Noma was probably one of the best food experiences I’ve ever had.

What would your last meal be?

Tash: Oysters, then rabbit pie followed by crème brulee.

Cora: Almond croissants.

Your favourite restaurant / food venue?

Tash: Lyle’s or The Clove Club. 

Cora: The Crow's Nest in Montauk or Cave des Abessess in Paris.

How do you stay Rooted?

Tash: I swim every morning and that is such an important part of staying rooted for me. I think cooking, and spending time coming together over food with friends and family is one the best ways of staying grounded as well.

Cora: Yoga and always having a good book to read.

What are you top 3 tips to staying healthy and rooted?

Tash: Everything in moderation, have fun and try not to be too hard on yourself.

Cora: Surround yourself with people you love, take time for yourself, and be active. 

Your life motto?

Cora: Always live your own self life.

Tash: Learn how to be happy on your own and laugh lots.

Your next move as a business?

Cora: Launching Rêve En Vert in the States!

Tash: We are developing our basics line further and excited to be bringing out the next range!

Visit Rêve En Vert here and take a peek at their newly launched own-line R.E.V by Rêve en Vert here

Image credit, Hunger TV - Charlie Cummings