There was a fascinating article in Stylist magazine a while ago, called ‘The New Religion: Keep the Faith’, delving into the spirituality of modern day society.  It struck the ROOTED team when  reading it that is there is in fact a massive void. Are we all a bit lost? We lead a spiritual life, a journey that it infinite...continuous. But that’s what life is, isn’t it…a journey? IWe believe we are led by a higher power and that life - our lives - revolve around the sun, the moon and the earth. We take the lead from astrology, believed and taught that the stars and planets mystically influence the lives of people on earth, originating from the time and date of birth and continuing throughout a person’s life – a journey, our journey.

In recent years we have learnt to feel what’s right and wrong, from what we're putting in our bodies to situations and emotions that need dealing with. We’ve learnt and truly believe that everything happens for a reason. People come in and out of your life at certain times to heal, help or support. Sometimes they come into your life to cause pain but it’s pain that at the time is needed in order for you to feel the great again – a life learning should we say!

It’s been an interesting journey thus far and we’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people. Here’s an insight into our who who’s on the spiritual circuit..


Master Lau


Simon Lau is a true master in Chinese Astrology who gives you a deep insight into your astrological chart and how your life may unfold.  He literally takes your birthday, time and date and draws up your entire life chart – pages and pages specifically created by and for you. By understanding your astrological chart it allows you to understand more about who you are, where you come from and how to maximize the good you and minimize the bad you. The results chart is fascinating and an opportunity to understand more about your character and the decisions I’ve made in life thus far. It helps you to see how you can control various factors in your life, from bigger aspects like your true character to parts of your body that need extra care and support. He also looks into health matters and issues that may arise.  There may be some hard hitting comments to take in but Lau only directs you so you can make the changes to live and attract more luck and fortune in your life. It’s positive changes that build positive people after all!

Gabrielle Bernstein


Stylist magazine noted Gabby as a straight-taking self-helper in their article and they couldn’t have got it more spot on. We first came across Gabby by a dear friend and soul sister. Her books are great but seeing Gabby stand up on stage and inspire and change people’s perception of life is an incredible moment to witness.  Gabby has a series of books and straight talking they are indeed. Spirit Junkie is a great starter, leading to May Cause Miracles which gives a 6 week step by step guide to standing up to fear and living life with love.  Both come with downloadable guided meditations which you can get from her blog, Gabby TV. You’ll also find video content, including meditations (her latest meditation for increased energy is fantastic) and blog posts including sugar free recipes and articles on boosting your spiritual community. Once you get started, you won’t ever look back.

Padma Coram


Where to start…Padma is well integrated within the spiritual world and is the go to person if you’re feeling down, need guidance or simply need a reality check. Her sessions develop and build inner strength to achieve better mental, physical and emotional health and there is nothing, NOTHING Padma doesn’t offer using a blend and vast range of modalities she has learned and practiced throughout her whole life. From affirmations, breath work, chakra healing and creative meditation through to guided visualisations and pranic healing, no two sessions will ever be the same. Her motto is ‘YES YOU CAN!’ whatever your issue and once you meet her, you’ll be repeating it over and over in your head everyday. She just has that effect.

Louise Androlia


Lou is a Mind, Body and Spirit healer who specialises in tarot, life coaching and energy awareness workshops. You can’t miss Lou – a stunning red head, she’ll stop you in your track and then reel you in with her words of wisdom. In terms of life coaching, she helps to build a better understanding of holistic living,  break free from a fearful mindset and let go of negative thought patterns to helping to cope with anxiety and stress in your work or home environment.

Lou taught us some fantastic ways of dealing with energy which as a parting gift to you all for this post (from Lou to you), we’ve shared below...

A visualisation to not take in peoples energy:

- visualise yourself protecting yourself, either with a bubble (I always think of the egg shaped toilets in Sketch!), a light shining from you or a cloak surround you. Let this protect you.

When confrontational energies occur:

- think of a mirror between yourself and that person which gives you a disconnection from it. This disconnection allows you to protect your energy.

How to get rid of energy you have taken on (I do this after a hard day when I need to rebalance my energise):

- visualise the dirt / energy on your body - breath in deeply and blow out very hard and fast, imagining the energy flying off you into the universe. Repeat as necessary. Get rid of the dirt.

A visualisation for grounding:

- think about roots coming out of your toes and going down, into the centre of the earth

- rub your palms and feet

Whatever your religion, spiritual state or preference, just make sure that every day you make time to breathe, listen, learn and smile. Make love not war. Be happy. Be well...