It's a phrase you hear and read about every year from mid December to mid January- New year, new you. Each year we've increasingly started to hate it with our immediate response - what's wrong with the old me?!

Agreed...the new year is the perfect time for change, upgrade or very simply to reflect - what's good, what's not, what's ready to change, what's stuck? But to say new you? No no,let's be realistic shall we... When it comes to resolutions, be honest with yourself with what you want AND CAN achieve. If you've said you are going to lose that extra half stone every year for the past five years and still haven't, isn't that perhaps your body saying its happy with the weight that it is or maybe it's just not realistic for your lifestyle? If you've said your going to save £5000 and last year you managed £500 perhaps the goal is too high. Meet in the middle! Be REALISTIC!

The new year is a time to find grounding, giving you a perfect time to reflect on life - what you're doing and what is ready to change for a more balanced and healthy you.  When it comes to resolutions we try to make my plans specific, realistic and wholesome. By wholesome we mean for a happier, stronger (mentally and physically), balanced (mind and body) you NOT a slimmer, more pretty, richer you. No no, don't let the ego take over your resolution list!

B U D H H A S A Y S. . .

Here's our thoughts on how to create a super 2015 resolution list:

1. Work on being happy, just as you are

Hands up if you've ever thought or said the following, "I'll be happy if... I meet the one/ lose a stone/ buy that dress/ eat this food". We've all been there but continuously striving for something is always going to end in disappointment.  The food makes you feel full, the dress stays unworn, the weight doesn't shift and the guy you meet takes up all your me time! Try drawing around a plate and in the middle put a strong defined dot. This is you - you are the centre of your universe. write me, your name, whatever works for you and stick it somewhere you see every day or snap it and add to your phone screensaver. The best resolution is to accept you more and more every day. Simple.

2. Be specific

An example of this is a resolution to do an Abigail Ahearn design course. It's £195 it's achievable.  It would be hard to fail! If your goal is to lose weight - and if it is please remember that strong IS the new skinny - set yourself a goal to lose a pound a week. It's specific and gives you something realistic to work to. If you really do want to start that blog or save for a flat, set yourself weekly / monthly goals within the bigger goal.

3. Be positive

The way you phrase goals and resolutions makes a big impact on how your mind reads them. I need to / I have to / I should are all negative ways to start your goals. I will is much more inspiring for the mind. I will save £100 a month, I will meditate very day. I will create a positive statement and one that by repeating over and over your neural pathways will eventually believe to be true so your whole mindset will become positive and you'll achieve what you want to achieve. Be strong and be willing!


4. Don't fixate

Some resolutions on your list might have a few stages therefore try to think about each stage before you write it down. It could be that one resolution is actually five separate things that link to one plan and if it is, list the five. Don't fixate on the one main goal, just break it down. Don't also fixate on one resolution. If everything about 2014 is about losing weight it's likely you'll be bored and fall off the wagon by February. Think broadly and allow a goal each on mind, body, work, love etc. This way, by the end of the year you'll have an all round achieving you!

Finally...5. Be willing and open to fail and learn from it

We all make mistakes, we fail, we take a turn down the wrong garden path. It's ok! As long as you are willing to accept you didn't achieve what you wanted to and learn from the reasons why, there's no reason why you can't just try again. Accept you didn't get the job, maybe it wasn't really for you or you've learnt what you can do better in the next interview. Accept you couldn't get to the gym five times a week. The goal was too high. It wasn't realistic! Everything happens for a reason. Just keep your eyes open wide, accept what life offers and learn from the bad stuff.

Here's to a HAPPY, HEALTHY and ROOTED 2015