We all need a little inspiration from time to time and these days it’s usually straight to the web to find it. ROOTED heads to Hip & Healthy magazine daily to get a hit of the health (good) stuff – from reviews to recipes there’s always something to inspire, teach or simply get us in a good state of mind. We are lucky to have met the lovely Sadie Macleod, Editor of the luxury health and wellbeing title who set up the site just under two years ago.

ROOTED meets: Sadie Macleod...

S A D  I E M A C L E O D, H I P & H E A L T H Y

Why and when did you create Hip & Healthy?

I created Hip & Healthy whilst on a sabbatical from my previous job at Conde Nast. I really felt that there was a gap in the market for an online, luxury health and wellbeing magazine and since fitness and wellness have always been strong passions of mine, I couldn’t think of anything better than running my own business within the industry. I was living in Hong Kong at the time but aimed it at the UK market (as I knew I’d be home soon) and the website luckily was very well received and instantly took off. I then spent a year and a half working in full time employment at Conde Nast 9-5 and working on Hip & Healthy at every possible moment outside of this! It was hard work but I loved it. I now work full time on the website. We are just about to launch an activewear store which I am really excited about!

What's your exercise regime each day / week?

Im pretty good about running every morning before work. And I’ll try to fit in the odd yoga class or gym session. At the weekends I go on much longer runs (around 10 miles), which I love to do and often find that’s where I think up some of my best ideas! Other than that I have also been training with Dylan from Twenty Two Training - who has me on a remote fitness exercise programme and promises to tone me up and get me fitter!

What's your typical day on a plate?

I start the day with a hot water and a green juice post-run. Then it’s a bowl of muesli with oat milk and a cup of white r green tea. Then i’ll have a snack on a protein bowl like Bounce Ball or a packet of oat cakes (gluten free). For lunch I’ll have a salad and often avocado will be in the mix. Then I’ll have another snack of some sort and a cup of tea. For supper I will have veggie curry with brown rice or salmon with qunioa or something similar. I tend not to eat so much meat and I am lactose-intolerant so dairy is out of the question. In the evening I’ll often be found snacking on muesli, peanut butter or coyos.

Your favourite juice or smoothie?

It’s got to be a good old green juice! Kale, Lemon, Mint, Cucumber, Ginger, Apples - yum!

Favourite foodie place in London?

I love the Wild Food Cafe in Covent Garden for vegan food that is super healthy and a bit different! Also their new smoothie bar is aces. But for something slightly more formal I love Asia de Cuba in the St Martins Lane Hotel. It perfect combines two of my favourite cuisines and the Tuna Pica is to die for!

What are you top 3 tips to stay hip and healthy?

- Stay active. Incorporate it into your commute so you almost don’t notice it: Run into work, cycle or even walk!

- Start each day with a green juice. Fitness begins in the kitchen - you can’t out-run a bad diet. And putting lots of lovely green things into your system first things is one of the best things you could do for your energy levels, skin, digestion... you name it - it probably does it.

- Don’t beat yourself up on off days. We are all guilty of it. Being cross with ourselves will get us nowhere though - even if we did flake out of that exercise class or press snooze on the alarm when we should have been going to the gym. Everyone does it - we just need to learn from it and do an amazing job the next day.

Sadie Macleod is the Editor of Hip and Healthy, an online luxury and health magazine. View the site here

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