Quinoa is a great substitute for a slightly lighter porridge in Summer.  It's quite a clean fresh taste and the consistency is smoother, using only quinoa flakes rather that a thicker oat or quinoa seed. A complete protein and a great gluten and wheat-free alternative, quinoa is great first thing when your body needs a good source of protein to start the day. As well as protein, it is a great source of manganese. magnesium, folate and phosphorus and amino acids that make up the protein content. Always buy organic and non GMO.

Serves two...

- Quinoa flakes (1 cup)

- Almond milk  (1 cup, around 200-250ml depending on preferred consistency)

- Grated apple (1 apple)

- Blackberries

- Linseeds (1 tablespoons)

- Cocao nibs (1 tablespoons)

- Agave syrup (1 tablespoon)

Add the flakes and milk together and whilst cooking, grate the apple and wash the berries. Quinoa flakes take slightly less time so keep an eye on it so not to dry it out. Add the fruit and toppings and finish with the agave syrup. 

 S U M M E R T I M E L O V E