I’ve been there. It felt like Groundhog Day.  

Two third of Brits are on a diet every single day. The diet industry alone is worth 1.7 billion dollars and is projected to reach 2.7  billion at the end of 2023. Diet culture has an incredible way of holding you back. Time wasted, spent focusing on limiting beliefs, calories or toxic thoughts about what and how to eat, your body and your abilities.


You are a not a label. You are not one size fits all.

No, you are YOU.

Introducing Intuitive Eating where I identify your toxic self-talk, your blocks and your negative mentalities around food and your body and replace them with inner peace and choices based on your your greatest guide, your intuition.

I reconnect you to areas of your life that you’ve been hiding from, break free from stories and imprints you’ve been living and believing about food and your body, and most importantly, banish your toxic self-talk and allow you to step into being YOU.

What would it feel like to love yourself enough to be truly seen? What would it feel like to wake up each day without the guilt of last nights binge, or the last weeks worth of restriction. What would it feel like to truly celebrate food and use it for nourishment, not punishment?

Training as a Life Coach and in Naturopathic Nutrition I was called by the idea of Intuitive Eating and Living. Believing this is the key to a healthy connection between mind and body, I celebrate – rather than restrict food - a concept that sets me apart from many other nutritionists.

My transformational programmes help you override the myths that your minds have created about food and diet, throw away the rule book and allow you to re-establish a relationship with your intuition. Rather than guilt and deprivation, I guide you to tune into what you really need to truly nourish yourself. I coach empowerment, body positivity and self-love, as well as working with disordered eating habits, obsessive or negative thinking about food and orthorexia.

Are you ready to step into your body and own it? Then read on…


Intuitive Eating is an non-diet diet - an approach developed to help people who have issues around food - from any type of disordered eating and orthorexia - to chronic dieting. Intuitive Eating allows you to become an expert of yourself, throwing away the rulebook and putting you in charge of your body and your food consumption.

Many of us have ideals around what we should and shouldn’t eat based on past imprints (rules growing up, how you ate as a child, what body size you compare yourself to), which can leave us very confused and lost with what actually works for us intuitively.  Intuitive Eating removes restriction and eating within a set food framework and works on principles such as honouring your hunger, making peace with food, respecting your fullness and in my work particularly, building self-love, trust and compassion.

It’s tempting to believe that there’s a way to lose weight quickly, easily and permanently by taking drastic measures, eliminating entire food groups, radically cutting calories or going on a low-carb diet. But in reality, most people can’t override their body’s natural biology and cravings for extended periods of time. Instead of trying diet after diet only to feel like a failure every time you fall off the wagon, stop dieting all together and join the Rooted Intuitive eating tribe.


  • You’re done living a life of shoulds

  • You have bad body image 

  • You’ve been dieting your whole life and want to jump off the dieting bandwagon and find something that feels more sustainable 

  • You have low self-worth

  • Your toxic self-talk is constantly telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat

  • You feel like you’re hiding from the real you

  • You binge or restrict with food

  • You are never sure what it is your body even needs anymore

  • You are ready to give up the idea that there’s new and better diets lurking around the corner and return to what works for you


  • Be more conscious in your food choices

  • Learn to trust your bodies natural hunger

  • Feel closer to your inner wisdom: your intuition 

  • Break free from diet mentalities and blocks around your body

  • Learn to love yourself, inside and out

  • Break up with bad habits and limiting beliefs

  • Stop letting food rules rule your life

  • Learn to listen to what our body needs and feed it correctly

  • Learn to feel satisfied, not just with food, but life

  • Trust your bodies signals

  • Allow your body to find its natural size and accept it where it is

  • Make food choices that honor your health

The intuitive eating coaching was so much more than just about eating, by bringing self awareness to my whole live, Pandora helped me to identify what was really going on so that my relationship with food reflected my relationship with life - healthy, happy and full of soul. Each week built onto the next, so that I was able to build up a full picture of what intuitive living and eating really felt like. I realised the importance of self care and laying the foundations to allow for a flourishing life. Pandora’s unique, grounded and wise teachings allowed me to do more than eat and live intuitively, it allowed me to express myself more fully and embrace who I am. It was the education that would benefit every woman, as I learnt to fall in love with myself so every decision was based on love rather than fear. I found myself being more outgoing and embrace my quirkiness, I wasn’t afraid to be myself - which is more than I could have imagined from an intuitive eating coaching! Thank you Pandora for continuing to inspire me to feel empowered and connected to myself!
— maddie munro, health coach

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I started to see Pandora for intuitive eating and living therapy and she’s helped me so much. Her holistic approach and guidance are very inspiring, reassuring and practical at the same time. I feel way more at peace today, I know I’m on the right track. it’s a promising journey. Pandora is an amazing person and a brilliant therapist.