Are you ready to fix your relationship with food, banish yo-yo dieting, disordered eating and body shaming?

Great, read on…

Is food keeping you small? Do you feel like your relationship with food holds you back in some way? Maybe it gets in your way and your ready to free up time spent overthinking your food choices to actually live life fully instead? Perhaps you’ve been on every diet under the sun and you’re ready to find something more sustainable and that will actually last?

I hear you. Been there. Done that.

Can you imagine a life without food rules, body shaming and toxic self-talk?

I can and I’m ready to guide you to yours.

I know that diets don’t work. I also know issues with food are rarely about the food, it’s about the living and how to LIVE. The more I guide you in how to live intuitively, the more you re-connect to parts of you that you’ve been hiding from, lies you’ve been believing about food and your body and ways you’ve been keeping yourself small.

When you transform your LIFE, you transform your relationship with food, because you start showing up as YOU. Every single magical piece of YOU.

Intuitive Eating helps you to tap into your body’s inner wisdom and become an expert of yourself. With my transformative process, you’ll find the ability to distinguish between physical and emotional cues of hunger, override the myths that your mind has created about food and diet and break free from the ongoing battle with your body.


let’s EXPLORE?


I started to see Pandora for intuitive eating and living therapy and she’s helped me so much. Her holistic approach and guidance are very inspiring, reassuring and practical at the same time. I feel way more at peace today, I know I’m on the right track. It’s a promising journey. Pandora an amazing person and a brilliant therapist.
— Myriam Archour

NOTE: Learning to be an Intuitive Eater may not come overnight and for some, it takes years to get there. This course gives you a solid starting point and the foundations of the Intuitive Eating steps, plus some supportive healing work from me, to help you get there. In Intuitive Eating there are gifts that come in regularly, not just when you things are going well so I ask my clients to come from a place of curiosity, not judgement.

Pandora was recommended to me and from our first 1-2-1 and then the 6 week programme, I can safely say I am well on my way to being more rooted. Pandora is a natural at making you feel at ease, her aura is infectious; a humble lady who is extremely accommodating. Her life advice is something that I will take through on my ongoing journey with myself. Changing a persons mindset is definitely a talent that you don’t pick up overnight. This is the best investment I have ever made. Always eternally grateful!
— Hayley Wright